Ice cream with "Wild berries" flavour from Three Bears and KAZKA


Two-layer ice cream with "Wild berries" flavour is the third product from "Three Bears" "KAZKA" ice cream line, created in collaboration with the popular band. Ice cream contains "Wild berries" fruit filling from bog blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, topped with blueberry-flavoured filling.

The product style continues the history of the ancient forest with elements of magic, which is revealed in the projects of Kazka Svit – the cartoon "Таємниця Чарголосу", the book, the virtual reality game and others.

The bright stylish design of ice cream immediately attracts attention. Modern packaging solution meets the global trends in ice cream packaging. The cardboard cup is very convenient when stored in the freezer, and its volume is perfect for both individual consumption and in the company of friends or family.

One can already purchase "Three Bears" ice cream with "Wild berries" flavour in retail chains and get a new gastronomic experience from KAZKA.

It should be reminded, earlier the Three Bears company and KAZKA band presented ice cream with "Violet" aroma, and "Blue raspberry".